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Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness


About the centre

Happiness is an affective, cognitive, and psychological state of wellbeing. It is about finding meaning and purpose in life. It is the joy experienced in sharing than receiving. In the workplace, this happiness finds reflection in the work itself, being more productive, creative, enjoying one’s work, and being there for others.  We have often pursued the art of happiness in our understanding and practice of staying happy. But developing a scientific understanding of happiness will help individuals be more optimistic and appreciative about themselves and others.

Message from the Director

I am happy to initiate the Rekhi Centre of Excellence for the Science of Happiness in the Institute. I hope it will go a long way in sustaining health and happiness for the IIM Ranchi family and the State of Jharkhand and the country at large. I request one and all to take interest in the activities of the Centre.

Message from Dr. Satinder Singh Rekhi

I would like the students at IIM, Ranchi to be happier, spread happiness and create a meaningful life for themselves and for others. Happy people are more successful than the other way around. Success is not just about how high you have climbed but how many others you take along to the top.


To promote happiness at work and beyond, for a better tomorrow for individuals and the society


There are three broad objectives of the centre:

  • Individual perspective: Happiness as the doorway to insight, awareness, and orientation
  • Societal and Community Perspective: Nudging happiness through design and creativity 
  • Process Orientation: Happiness as a way of life and not a target. It is neither prescriptive nor descriptive

The Centre welcomes one and all willing to join and contribute to this pursuit of happiness, making the world a better place to live and work in

Applications are being invited for Post-Doctoral Fellowship from candidates willing to pursue research on happiness