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Code PLO - MBA Executive PLG - MBA Executive
ME1.1 Formulate an understanding of business problems. Critical and Integrative Thinking
ME1.2 Evaluate alternative approaches to solve business problems. 
ME1.3 Use integrative thinking to solve business problems. 
ME2.1 Inspect appropriate methodology to analyze business problems. Analytical Acumen
ME2.2 Select business solutions by using appropriate tools and techniques.
ME3.1 Assess ethical/social/cross-cultural issues in business context.  Ethical, Social & Cultural Sensitivity 
ME3.2 Formulate strategies for socially/ethically responsible business practices. 
ME4.1 Choose appropriate written, verbal and presentation skills. Communication, Interpersonal and Leadership Skills
ME4.2 Manage the ability to work well in teams.
ME4.3 Develop the ability to influence others.
ME5.1 Devise new business opportunities. Entrepreneurial Global Mindset
ME5.2 Design and Appraise business plans.