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1.The 1st Annual Lecture Of The Birsa Munda Centre For Tribal Affairs And Dedication Of Newly Constructed Students Dining Hall.

2. Collaboration with community organizations

IIM Ranchi has signed MoU under Birsa Munda Center for Tribal Affairs to collect work from social organizations working in Jharkhand. Under this, the students of IIM Ranchi are expected to be familiar with the rural society and the social problems and works of Jharkhand. With this, IIM Ranchi also wants that the students coming here should not think only about themselves and also understand their responsibility towards the society.

On the other hand, IIM Ranchi will help these institutions by using their expertise in their work and upcoming projects. This mainly includes working from a scientific point of view in social work, help in scientific research by various professors of IIM Ranchi and capacity and skill enhancement in the current work of the institution.