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Fifteen Months Certificate Program in General Management [CPGM]

Businesses today are very dynamic in nature and the level of complexity involved in managing the various resources possessed at present and to be possessed in future by an enterprise keeps increasing on a day-to-day basis. Business organizations aim to transform their managerial processes from an unsophisticated and unstructured manner to the sophisticated and structured manner. This transformation requires the entities to develop their employees on a continuous basis besides upgrading their managerial processes. Employees who join in an organization at non-managerial job roles may transform their careers by learning management in a systematic manner.

Decision making is considered to be the most desirable quality of a manager who strives for the optimal usage of the resources irrespective of whether he is serving the goals of a for profit or not for profit entity. Decision making involves alternative choices like which product/service to produce/offer? What is the right segment for the product/service? Who are the profitable customers? What is the correct selling price for the product/service? What are the channels of distributing the products? What are the impact of the chosen alternatives on the financials of the firm? How to take the financial decisions? What are the decision alternatives in managing the operations? How to select the best alternative? How to formulate the vision and mission for the organization? What are the tools and techniques to be followed in the formulation and implementation of the operational and tactical strategies? How to manage the Human Resources? How to design an effective information system? How to deal with Big Data? , etc…

Selecting the best alternative among the competing ones is many a times a very difficult task which calls for clarity in objectives, strategic thinking, identification of the right tools and techniques for taking decisions and the impact of the chosen decision on the overall well-being of an organization. In this context, the fifteen months CPGM aims to facilitate the non-managerial professionals in learning the concepts, theory and practice of management domain such that they will be in a position to apply the learning in their day-to-day work environment besides accomplishing their personal and organizational goals.

Objectives of the Program

  • To facilitate the participants in understanding the concepts, theory and practice of the domain of Management
  • To enable the participants in applying their learnings in their day-to-day work environment
  • To encourage the participants to have the managerial perspective in their decisions and actions
  • To prepare the participants to grow in their career
  • To develop leading managers for the corporate sector


The program is of 15 months duration. Participants are required to attend classes at IIM Ranchi campus for 9 days [consecutive] per term. The classes would be conducted for a total of 337.5 hours spread over the five terms (i.e 67.5 hours per term).

Courses to be offered in CPGM

Term Course Name
1 Financial Reporting and Cost Management
1 Organizational Behaviour
1 Business Communication
2 Microeconomics
2 Marketing Management-1
2 Corporate Finance
3 Marketing Management-II
3 Macroeconomics
3 Quantitative Methods for Business
4 Strategic Management – I
4 Operations Management
4 Management Information Systems
5 Strategic Management – II
5 Human Resources Management
5 Business Analytics & Business Intelligence


The courses would be taught on participation mode using the following methods

  • Lectures
  • Activities/Games
  • Case Method
  • Simulation


The participants would be evaluated on a continuous basis on the mix of the following suggested assessment components

  • Quiz
  • Assignment
  • Class Participation
  • Case work
  • End Term Examination

The faculty member(s) of the respective courses would circulate a detailed course outline among the participants which shall provide details on the evaluation criteria adopted by them. The end term examination of each term would be conducted on the last day of the campus visit

Certification Eligibility

A participant shall be awarded with the certificate on successful completion of the program which requires a minimum OGPA (Overall Grade Point Average) of 5.


The basic eligibility for applying for the program are:

Bachelor's Degree [with a minimum of 3 years full time study]from a recognized university in any discipline with a minimum of 50% aggregate marks

A minimum of 2 years of full time work experience

Selection Process

The candidates shall be selected for the program based on the Profile Scoring assigned by the institute using the details provided by the candidates in

  • Application Form
  • Soft copy of the self -attested photocopies of Academic Qualification and experience certificates
  • Statement of Purpose

Alumnus Status

The successful participants shall become the alumnus of the certificate programs of the institute.

Placement Support

The institute shall not provide any assistance for the participants in getting the placements.

Program Commencement

The program would commence in April 2019 (tentative)

Tentative Dates for the Campus Visit

The dates for campus visit and the class schedule shall be communicated to the selected candidates after the admission

Program Fee

The fees for the program will be Rs 3,00,000 plus applicable GST. This includes the tuition fee, course material and program kit. This does not include the travel, boarding and lodging expenses which are to be borne by the participants.

The Program office shall provide the address and contact details of the good hotels located near the institute campus. The participants who need assistance in locating a good hotel may contact the CPGM office.