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Birsa Munda Centre for Tribal Affairs

Birsa Munda Centre for Tribal Affairs aims to conduct intervention projects as well as research in the domain tribal issues and opportunities. The centre will be committed for activities related to development of Tribal people.


Tribals of Jharkhand state have immensely contributed to the Independence of our country led by Bhagwan Birsa Munda, Sido Murmu and Kanhu Murmu, being from the deprived section of the society attracted the attention of policymakers, planners, and social scientists. Socio- economic data for tribal groups are generated by the Census of India and other Government agencies. All these factors led to an increase in tribal studies to accelerate tribal development that recognizes diversity of tribal communities and cultures.

Against this background, a focused “Birsa Munda Centre for Tribal Affairs” (BMCTA) has been established at IIM Ranchi to come out with recommendations and activities for the development of tribal communities in the country.

Vision Statement

To continue the legacy of Birsa Munda as a people’s leader, one which is innovative and responsive to the needs of tribal nation, communities, and individuals.

Mission Statement

Achieve excellence in academic quality, scholarly engagement, and service through research and training in tribal affairs.

The centre aims to serve the following purposes:

  • To conduct interdisciplinary research to enhance income generation and livelihood for tribal community
  • To organize training programs to encourage skill development to take up entrepreneurial activities by the tribal groups/communities for income generation and improved quality of life.
  • To strengthen the centre through collaborative network and partnerships with institutions, especially for undertaking research and conducting trainings related to income generation, livelihood program; and to support entrepreneurial activities
  • To evolve as a responsive center for tribal community for any issue significantly impacting tribal community

Birsa Munda Centre for Tribal Affairs - Members

  1. Prof. Renjith R, Chair
  2. Prof. Gaurav Manohar Marathe
  3. Prof. Rohit Kumar