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The ninth Indian Institute of Management was established at Ranchi in 2010. This was made possible with the extensive support of the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta and the Government of Jharkhand, working under the guidance of Ministry of HRD, Government of India.

We started at a time when the management education world over was criticized for over emphasis on competition, aggression and achievement of results by any means. American model of education has come under criticism from various quarters. Additionally Educational technologies have removed the aura and exclusivity of top ranking b-schools by making it possible to take quality education beyond the citadels of management (coursera, edex, khans academy etc.).

We realized the need for a major surgery of the curriculum as there was a disconnect between what was taught and what was needed by the business and the society. We understood the need to incorporate right values in the young minds and also impart education relevant for information age that encourages networking and collaborative advantage. Also we decided to build contextual knowledge into the programs.

Our understanding is that creating leaders by b-schools has been over-hyped. Hence we decided to produce servants who will have the right skills, values and attitudes to serve the business and the society. Additionally, we decided to recalibrate our courses for the information age that encourages collaboration and networking. At the same time, we also decided to prepare the students for the future by teaching courses on emerging area like nuro management, analytics and energy management. In sum,

• We decided not in favor of producing business leaders: but servants
• We decided not to over emphasize goal orientation; but role orientation and soul orientation
• We decided not to be exclusive: but inclusive
• We do not want to promote aggression; but humility
• On the whole we do not offer an MBA; but produce UnMBAs
• All these come out of our Vision, Mission and Core Values

IIM Ranchi currently offers a two year PGDM in General management and another two year fulltime program on Human Resources Management (PGDHRM), Fellow Program in Management and 18 month part time Diploma in Management (PGEXP). We have also launched a certified Barefoot Manger program to promote entrepreneurship and to impart livelihood skills among the school drop outs and illiterates. Our Programs are different and we are an institute with a difference.

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