Batch Highlights

Any educational institute can be only as good as its students. IIM Ranchi in its first year of inception has taken utmost care in this regard. It boasts of having the forty four best minds amongst the top 0.35 percent performers in CAT, the Common Admission Test conducted by the IIMs.

We here at IIM Ranchi have a batch that is diverse in all respects, be it the educational background or the regional diversity or the work experience.

The batch is a blend of students from all the four corners of the country who have come together with the common aim of learning.

We here have students from diverse education background like engineering, commerce, arts and science.
The majority of the students are engineers. We have students from the top engineering institutes like the IIT’s, the NIT’s, DCE, and other top state level institutes.
Then there are the commerce students from the top colleges like SRCC, St. Xaviers, KMC (DU) etc.
The Arts students add to the overall learning of the batch.

The diversity is maintained in the work experience of the students. Twenty percent of the batch has work experience of or more than twenty four months. The freshness of the batch is maintained by the foals just out of Graduation College who add to the overall vitality.

The work experience of the students is diversified in various sectors like banking, engineering, manufacturing, retail, telecom, IT etc.

Apart from this the students have interests in varying fields. While someone has won state level table tennis tournament, the other is President of AICUF. Still another has played Cricket at zonal level while someone can solve the Rubik’s cube in less than a minute. And the list goes on.

The main motto of the students here is ‘Learning through Sharing’. We here at IIM Ranchi understand that to truly imbibe the management education it is essential to not only learn from one’s own experience but to learn from others as well. As a result we have students from the best institutes of the country and persons having varying experiences and interests learning from each other. The result is the gain of the entire batch.

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