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More than the infrastructure, buildings and other such things that give physical legitimacy to a college, what constitutes the essence and spirit of that college is the culture of the campus. The very word “culture” might inspire some skepticism in many. An institute barely a few months old laying claim to having a “culture”: a bluff, purists will say. Maybe the following narrative will clear up things a bit.

The day for most in Nalanda Hostel usually starts with the shrill sounds of a plethora of instruments designed to intervene the sleep of a person who has gone to sleep at a reasonable amount of time. Since that is an oddity from the norm at IIM Ranchi (more on that later), it’s but obvious that the axioms of sleep intervention are given a serious challenge.

However, the unpalatable realization that a few minutes of delay would result in the doors of the lecture hall being closed for the next hour and a half is inspiration enough. A quick shower and it’s off to Suchana Bhavan. This mad rush to class has even spawned some interesting and quite creative ways of having breakfast and of surviving without it.

Discipline and punctuality is strictly enforced by the PGP committee and they take their jobs very seriously. However, that’s not even the major deterrent. It’s the ire of your fellow classmates that you earn that keeps you on your toes. This attitude reflects in almost every other thing we do around here. Be it case study submissions or class presentations or coming to class after your break, The Deadline is above all.

The next few hours are spent in the classroom learning business concepts from people who are considered the best in their respective fields, leaving us spellbound by the depth of their knowledge. Preconceived notions and past knowledge are given new dimensions when you witness the concepts you learnt before coming here and thought you knew being applied to solve a wide array of problems.

The day ends at Suchana Bhavan and the hostel comes to life with student activity. The Sports room comes alive with the cheers and jeers of students with keenly contested TT and carrom matches. Some prefer to take it outside to the open field with football and volleyball. Then goes out the war cry, “Counter Strike Hosted”, though in a more sophisticated manner with pings on the internal messenger and thus starts an altogether different version of sports. All thanks to the IT committee and Facilities committee for getting the IT infrastructure up and ready in such a short span of time. These are the tools to offset the mild effect of social learning that comes from observing others…. There are some other offsetting effects as well but they are highly personalized, yes a long (in our case, 10-15 min) chat with that special someone in the case of a fortunate few.

We all are actively involved in various groups and committees carrying out a variety of activities. Quizzes, discussions and other such activities have become inseparable from daily routine. Various clubs for finance, entrepreneurship, quizzing etc are also taking shape at campus and have started their activities with several more in incubation.

One of the focal point of the day is the preparation for the quizzes or presentations which are scheduled almost on a daily basis or just catching up with the humongous course load of the day. It is never easy to perform here. Someone is always there to challenge you. Well the crux is everyone here is superbly talented; we have a bunch of highly competitive and bright (the highest cut-offs among all IIMs ensure that) students from all across the India. We are in the process of being moulded for a brighter tomorrow, both for us and our society. This process is an integral part of our campus life.

However, such amount of competition doesn’t take away the fact that everybody is willing to help you out. Thus you will find a commerce student explaining the concepts of accounting to the rest and you will also find a software engineer explaining the fundas of excel programming to somebody. The PGP committee has even taken a formal step towards this where they maintain a repository of who are willing to help out with what subjects. That’s how seriously we take helping our fellow mates and minimizing effort for maximum output.

Well, its 3 in the night. Most of the things done. Good time to sleep I guess. Suddenly a mail pops up in the mail box. What is that?? Few solved examples for tomorrow’s quiz…….. I guess “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” …. But well, that’s a story for another time….

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